Dear Assessors

Thank you for taking the time to evaluate my work.

This is my learning log for the course Photography Level 1 – Identity and Place log address The blog is a standard format.  I have arranged the log in constructive order under the categories.  I hope that you enjoy my work.

The layout of the learning log:


A short introduction to my learning log with links provided to previous Learning Logs.


Assignment 1 – 5 is divided into their own subcategories, each assignment has been provided with a link to the Assignment Planning which can be accessed by clicking Assignment Planning, the planning can also be accessed under the course work section Part 1 – 5.  The Planning of the assignments contains detailed information about my work,  how I created my images, my research as well as my own reflections of the work.  At the end of each assignment, I have provided my tutor’s reports this can be accessed by clicking the link Tutors Feedback.  I have also provided a reflection on the feedback received.

*Course Work

I have again divided the course work into subcategories using the titles the same as that provided in the course notes.  These subcategories consist of the completed exercises as well as any research completed.

*Research and Reflection

This part of my learning log consists of any personal research and projects I have done during the course.

I have sent my package to the college and included in this package is the following –

*Assignment Prints (1-5)

*Sketchbook notes (including my experiments with photobook making)

*Tutors Reports (1-5) (electronic copies of the tutor reports have been uploaded to my Google drive)


‘The Camera is my tool through it I give a reason to everything around me’

                                                                                                                      André Kertész

Identity and Places I feel has been one of the hardest courses I have done since starting this journey. I have been pushed to come out of my comfort zone and approach people with the first Assignment which was very scary for me especially cause the people I approached did not speak English so well, it was definitely a learning experience.  Collaborating with my daughter has taught me a lot about my relationship with her as a mother as well as myself as a photographer.  I find that when I use my camera to photograph these personal life experiences it helps me see the positives as well as the negative, it teaches me about myself, I find it therapeutic.  Looking back at the work I created during my first unit TAOP I feel the work I created then did not really have any meaning, my tutor back then referred to my style as “deadpan”  to be honest I did not have a clue when I started and since then as I progressed to context and Narrative I started to think more about my work what I wanted to create, I turned the camera on myself.  This was very hard for me as I never done this before and it was a big step out of my comfort zone to create work about my life because I’m a person that keeps myself to myself, but with photography, I have found a way to share my personal experiences through my work.

Assignment 1 

As mentioned above when I first read the brief, I was not sure about how I was going to complete it.  I’m very shy persona so doing this was a big step out of my comfort zone before this course I have never approached a stranger before and asked if I could take their photograph.  My first idea was a photo shoots with families but I changed my plans and decided to be adventurous and take my camera and myself to a small village called Lefkara.  When I went the first time I did not have much luck with photographing many people but with my second attempt, I found myself more confident.  Then during part 2 of the course I took what I learned from Part 1 and approached a lady with a horse on a visit and asked if I could photograph her, my tutor really liked this image and I was so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone.  When we returned to the UK I visited the house of Margaret Cameron Dimbola Lodge, where there was a studio set up I asked a couple of women politely if I could please take their photographs they said yes.  If you asked me to do this before doing  this assignment I would have never been brave enough to approach people I did not know how to ask a stranger  if I can photograph them but this assignment taught me this, it taught me that not everyone is going to say yes, my first attempt at the assignment looking back now I think that I was to full on that’s why I did not get as many sitters but the second attempt I was calm, I showed interest in their lace and had a little chat with them about their work even purchased some lace and I got a few sitters.  It takes patience as well as the communication and this is what I learned from Assignment 1.

Assignment 2 

Assignment 2 we just moved back from the UK after living for 3 years in Cyprus the move was very challenging and this is where I decided to turn the camera on my daughter.  I  have done portraits before of her but never anything personal so it was very daunting for me at first.  We worked together and I decided to focus on how the move affected her.  My tutor’s comments were very positive towards the assignment.  In his feedback, he suggested for me to think deeper about the manifestations of my ideas and how I came about each image.  So as suggested by my tutor in my reflections I have written a more in-depth description of the ideas behind the images.  I do think that the assignment overall was a good attempt and I had an idea about what I wanted to show but I think that where my assignment was lacking was more in-depth research.  I also feel that maybe experimenting more with the subject, such as creating portraits in the home environment and then seeing which worked better could have maybe improved the series of images.

Assignment 3

It was a bit of a challenge at the start, the brief wanted us to photograph a community but I just moved back and was still trying to get know the place I moved to, I did not know anyone.  I was unsure about how I was going to approach the brief.  I then decided after my mum got poorly, I was going to collaborate once again with my daughter but this time I wanted to explore the relationship between mother and child in relation to time.  Obviously, the only problem with my idea was that I was concerned that I was not meeting the brief of the assignment.  I received my tutor’s feedback and I was feeling relieved.

“In contrast to the suggestions made in the handbook the obvious thing to say is that your daughter is a singular point of reflection, but even so a rich and complex area to investigate.  In thinking about the intended underpinning learning – although different to the stimulation that a group can offer – I sense that this take on the project could offer a similar conceptual and technical challenge.  In terms of a mirror as a metaphor to search your own perception of yourself using your daughter in specific ways could offer much.” 

This assignment was influenced by the work of Esther Teichman, I found her photomontage very interesting and decided I wanted to experiment with photo collages myself.  The series of images consists of three photographs but each image is created out of up to five images.  I had a clear idea about how I wanted to create my work and I used my background research to help me with my ideas.  I decided to create artboards with my planning to show what I was thinking when creating my images.  The way I approached the assignment helped me to execute my ideas successfully making this, in my opinion, the strongest assignment.

Assignment 4 

Part 4 was one of my favourite parts of the course I really enjoyed the artist study and learning about text and images and how they can work together.  I did become a little frustrated as my hip dysplasia was a little bit of a struggle but I decided to use this to help me with my assignment I turned the camera on myself and explored my own identity.  I found a poem that I connected with and decided to use this as inspiration to help me create my images.  My tutor’s feedback was very positive towards the assignment but he did make a few suggestions to improve the series which I followed in my reflections.

Assignment 5

Assignment 5 what can I say I do feel that I let myself down here a little, the last assignment should have been my strongest but I feel that it was my weakest.  I was so worried about the deadline of the assignment that I feel that I missed out important background research that could have helped me create a stronger assignment.  I wanted to experiment with photo book making here and I have done so.  I have added my work to my sketchbook notes as well as the research and reflection part of my course.  I have also returned to the work and following my tutors feedback I have made improvements to the assignment as well as part 5 of the course.

Pointers for Assessment 

  • Evidence your growing engagement in theory and explore how any theory relates to any work in progress
  • You need to show that you are critically analysing all stages in the development of the work and the final set of images
  • Print out and reflect on the quality of the work using the assessment criteria supplied – write down what you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses in each assignment submission
  • Check thoroughly for grammatical mistakes in all areas of your writing  

My Reflection –

Following my tutor’s feedback, I have made the changes needed to improve my assignments.  I have returned to my writing where my tutor has suggested and made improvements following his feedback.  I have been working on my critical analysing and I have also been trying to add the in-depth research to my work but this has always been one of my struggles but I do feel positive as I can see improvements since my last course. I returned to each assignment to write a reflection focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of each assignment submission. I have heard about a short English course being offered online which I want to enrol on, I think that this can help me improve my writing skills.


and so I have reached the end of my Identity and Place journey and I will be continuing with landscapes my new learning log address for this unit is –

Thank you to everyone who has followed my log and supported me with my course.